Walter Evans Church of England Primary & Nursery School


Welcome to our classes! To see a 'Day in Reception' at our school, please click HERE

In Reception, we have two classes, they are:

Miss Wilson's Class

Miss Reed's Class

Both teachers work very closely and collaboratively together so that all our Reception children's learning is the same. 

Our whole school curriculum, known as the Long Term Plan, can be found HERE. This plan shows you all the wonderful topics we teach across the school during the year. For our year group, you can click on each Topic Title image, below, for an overview of our teaching in each half-term. Please also see our Knowledge Organiser which shows the key knowledge we want children to learn for each topic. 

 Topic Title Knowledge Organiser
 Medium Term Plan  
 Medium Term Planning  
 Medium Term Planning  
 Medium Term Planning  
 Medium Term Planning  
 Medium Term Planning  


In Reception, our trained paediatric first aiders are: Mrs Tanda and Mrs Poyser.

Our trained paediatric first aiders in our Early Years Out of School Club are: Miss ArnottMiss Griffin-Blair and Miss Grimes.