Walter Evans Church of England Primary & Nursery School

School Meals

 Images above taken at our Christmas dinner day 2021.

Walter Evans School Meals

Our tasty school dinners are freshly produced, made on site by Derbyshire County Council School Meals Service. Our excellent catering team (see the image above!) pride themselves in knowing all our children and as a result, school dinners are extremely popular. There are two different menus across the year, one ‘Summer’ and the other ‘Winter’. Within these there is a three weekly cycle of meals. Alongside two main meal choices there are also the options of a jacket potato or sandwiches.

The menu can be found here: 2457 A3 PORTRAIT MENU STANDARD (

In addition, our catering team will also run special themed days - look out for these on the menu and cater for special dietary requirements (please see HERE for further information). 

Costs and Ordering Meals for your Child

All children in Reception, years one and two, qualify for the government’s Universal Free School Meal. Once your child reaches year three, meals are charged at £3.25 a day, £16.25 a week (Sept 2023).

Meals are ordered and paid for via a Scopay account. The information needed to set this up will be provided by school, to all new starters.

Meals can be ordered for several weeks in advance, although there must be enough credit on the account for all the meals ordered for KS2 children. You may order meals exactly as it suits you and your child [whether it is a school provided hot meal, jacket potato or school sandwiches] or sending them with a packed lunch from home on any other day. The only proviso is that a meal order should be placed at least a day in advance. However, short notice orders are possible, if you contact the school office via telephone or by emailing to make your request.


If you think that your family may be eligible for Free School Meals please contact the school office on 01332 557139 or email

School dinners are provided for Nursery children, these are charged at £5 a day. This charge covers the midday supervision staffing as well as their school meal. An invoice is sent to parents to cover these charges. 

Charging and Remissions Policy including the School Meal Debt Protocol can be found HERE.