Walter Evans Church of England Primary & Nursery School

Our Staff

School Staff from January 2023



Mr D Brown (also Designated Safeguarding Lead) 

Deputy Head


Assistant Head


Mr S McBeth (also Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead) 


Mr J Cripwell (also Y5/6 Leader)

Foundation Stage Teachers

Nursery Class Teachers

Mrs R Parke /

Mrs A Dobson (Job-share)


Reception Class Teacher Miss L Gunn


Reception Class Teacher

Miss C Wilson (also Foundation Stage and Y1 Leader)

Key Stage 1 Teachers

Year 1

Miss A Reed


Year 1

Mrs H Brown


Year 2

Mrs R Horswell


Year 2

Mrs C Picton

Key Stage 2 Teachers

Year 3

Miss J Travis


Year 3

Miss E Pett


Year 4

Mrs C Brisco (maternity from January 2023)

Miss E Windess (covering maternity from January 2023)


Year 4 

Mr S McBeth/

Mrs D Hoolan (Job-share)


Year 5

Mr J Cripwell


Year 5

Mrs G Kendall


Year 6

Mr A Webster


Year 6

Mrs D Williams /

Mr P Morris (Job-share)

SEN Coordinator


Mr A Webster

PPA Cover Unq Teacher 





Mrs J Fishwick


Mrs H Munday

Nursery Class TA


Miss R Arnott

Miss S Lewins

Miss A Tagell

Mrs J Slater

Reception Class



Mrs S Tanda

Mrs H Poyser

Key Stage 1



Mrs N Linkens

Miss D Harrison

Mrs T Polson 

Key Stage 1




Miss M Grimes

Key Stage 2 




Mrs H Ash

Key Stage 2 




1:1 support

1:1 support

1:1 support

1:1 support



Mrs J Dickie

Mrs K Hubbard

Mrs R Kearns

Mr I Collins

Mrs S Shipley

Mrs E Woodward

Mrs L Clifford

Pastoral Lead


Miss K Massey

Office Staff

Business Manager

Office Manager

Business Assistant School Finance Assistant 

Clerk to Governors



Mrs H Wharton

Mrs J Young

Miss D Norton 

Miss R Slack 


Site Manager 


Mr D Adamson

Mid-Day Supervisors

 Senior Supervisor

Mrs J Dickie



Mrs N Ford

Mrs F Brindley

Mrs P Cunliffe



Mrs E Heath

Mrs L James

Mrs R Fletcher 



Mrs H Willis (Relief)

Mrs H Nguyen (Relief)

 Catering Staff


Miss M Rodgers

Mrs J Taank

Mrs E Ireland

Mrs R Wood

Mrs S Mahboob

Out Of School Club

Play Leader Yrs 2 - 6

Play Leader Early Yrs & Yr 1



 Mrs T Stinchcombe

 Miss R Arnott

Play Workers


Mrs G Wright

Miss D Harrison 

Miss S Lewins

Miss M Grimes

Mrs H Nguyen