Walter Evans Church of England Primary & Nursery School

Meet the Well-being Ambassadors

This page has been designed and written by our Well-being Ambassador team of children.

Walter Evans prides itself on supporting positive well-being across school. As a team, our Well-being Ambassadors do this by promoting emotional support. We have 2 Well-being Ambassadors who support each year group and they go into classes to focus on games/activities to improve mental health and raise awareness of the importance around this.

As Well-being Ambassadors we try to spread happiness across school and make sure there is a smile on everyone’s face! Some of the activities that we have led across school include: visiting the environmental garden and reading a wellbeing book called ‘Wisp’, putting 'Worry Monsters' in every class, introducing 'compliments around the classroom' and decorating stars that children have written on to say what they enjoy and like best.

Our goal as Well-being Ambassadors is to make every child in the school feel happy … every child has a voice!

 Meet the Team!

This is our team and the year groups we support:

Year 1 – Martha &Ava
Year 2 – Toby & Anna
Year 3 – Jess & Lois 
Year 4 – Amelie & Darley
Year 5 – Agnes & Florence 
Year 6 – all ambassadors!