Walter Evans Church of England Primary & Nursery School

Our Curriculum

The curriculum is all the planned, sequenced learning we teach. It includes not only the formal requirements of the National Curriculum, but also the range of additional experiences, opportunities and learning that we carefully organise in order to promote all children’s learning and personal development so all children can flourish.

Every age group within the school covers the full range of subjects from the National and Early Years Curriculums, plus Religious Education (for more information on the National Curriculum click HERE).

On this page you will find links to our whole school curriculum map, known as the ‘Long Term Plan’ which details each year group’s learning, term by term. Also, the links on the right of this page can be explored – these links show the progression in learning we continue to develop for each curriculum area.

We regularly review and update our school policies for each subject showing progression through the school.

Our Curriculum Intent

Our planned curriculum aims to:

Inspire a love of learning, develop self-confidence and enable children to aim high.

In providing thoughtfully sequenced learning experiences, our children leave school knowing, experiencing, remembering and doing a lot more!

Religious Education

Religious Education is taught in accordance with the Derbyshire and Derby City Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education 2020–2025 (Click HERE to download). It is mainly based on the Christian faith but includes an understanding of other religions, helping give our pupils a wider knowledge and understanding of modern Britain.

Phonics and Early Reading

At Walter Evans CE Primary and Nursery School, phonics is taught through a Systematic Synthetic approach driven by 'Little Wandle' and supported by Big Cat Phonics books. For further information on our rationale and approach to reading, please see our Reading page, found HERE

Curriculum Plans

Our Whole School Curriculum 'Long Term Plan' can be found by clicking HERE. From this page you can see a term by term plan of each year group's topics. These can also be found on each Class Page on the website. 

Subjects are, where possible, taught in a cross-curricular way through topics based upon the learning projects from Cornerstones Curriculum and adapted to offer a progressive and broad curriculum for all children. 

If, as a parent you would like any more information about the curriculum and what is being taught, then please click on either your child's year class page or the relevant subject area. Alternatively, please contact your child's class teacher.