Walter Evans Church of England Primary & Nursery School

Design and Technology


 "When you are designing something what you are actually doing is identifying the human problem and executing them the best solution.  Design is all directed towards human beings."

Ivan Chermayeff - American Designer 1932-2017 

Design and Technology: Our Intent for the subject.

D&T helps us to create solutions for a variety of practical problems and a range of needs. It is practical and exciting, imaginative and innovative.  It will have an underlying theme of curiosity with students becoming resourceful and enterprising, posing their own questions such as ‘What if….?’ And ‘How can I….?’ By studying D&T students will develop an understanding of real and relevant problems in our local and global communities and how they as individuals can impact on others’ needs and wants. Learning new practical and technical skills in order to perform everyday tasks will develop self-confidence in an ever changing technological world. By testing, evaluating and critiquing their own work and the work of others in a purposeful way they will foster collaboration, improvements and success.  

Design and Technology Progression Grid 

 How it fits within our school vision.

Our school vision is rooted in the Christian faith. As a proud Church of England school, our vision is underpinned by the Church of England’s vision for education. This vision identifies four interlinking aims for all our pupils and, at its heart, lies LOVE (Luke 10:27).

It is this LOVE for God, for our neighbours and ourselves, that forms our Christian foundation to underpin all that we do.

School Vision Statement

At Walter Evans we believe in a broad and balanced curriculum where all subjects are valued. A broad and balanced curriculum will equip our children with a breadth of knowledge and skills in all areas of the curriculum. We aim for our pupils to ‘Persevere, be curious and inspired through their learning’.